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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the DU® validation service and Day 1 Certainty®?

The DU validation service is one tool from Fannie Mae that enables lenders to receive Day 1 Certainty, which gives lenders certainty on validated loan components and freedom from representations and warranties. Appraisal Waivers and Certainty on Appraised Value are the other two additional components that help lenders receive certainty from Fannie Mae.

Is there a cost associated with using the DU validation service?

No, Fannie Mae does not charge a fee. Lenders should contact the vendor(s) of their choice to discuss product pricing.

What type of loans are eligible for the DU validation service?

Only conventional loans are eligible. Non-conforming or government loans (such as VA, FHA, and Rural Development) are not eligible. There may be additional restrictions for income types and other loan components.

Can lenders work with resellers of eligible verification reports?

Yes. Fannie Mae has an open platform for data vendor participation to provide choices to our customers. Lenders may participate in the DU validation service through relationships with vendors of their choice that can provide Day 1 Certainty verification reports accepted by Fannie Mae, including “resellers” of eligible reports.

What is required to get Day 1 Certainty on validated loan components?

As long as the lender meets all DU validation service requirements in the Selling Guide and complies with applicable DU messages, the lender receives Day 1 Certainty for validated components.

How does an organization implement the DU validation service?

After you choose your vendor(s), follow the simple steps outlined in our Implementation Checklist.

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