Yield Maintenance Information

The data and files on this webpage are available in the Multifamily DUS Disclose® application. This webpage will be retired in December 2020.

Fannie Mae provides the following data files, which provide Yield Maintenance information for multifamily loans backing DUS MBS.   

The Yield Maintenance Period End Dates report (.TXT) contains the associated pool number, loan number, and yield maintenance period end dates applicable to certain multifamily loans backing DUS MBS issued before June 2003.  To view the yield maintenance end dates for MBS issued in June 2003 and after, please review the Schedule of Loan Information portion of the Multifamily MBS Prospectus Supplement for that specific MBS. The Schedule of Loan Information can be located by entering the MBS pool number or CUSIP number into DUS Disclose. 

Monthly Yield Maintenance Factor files (.TXT), available below, provide monthly factor information related to yield maintenance prepayment premiums paid on multifamily MBS. The monthly factors published in this file may be used to calculate the amount of yield maintenance prepayment premium that will be passed through to investors in the current month. To calculate the portion of yield maintenance payable to an investor on a specific MBS, the investor should multiply the applicable monthly yield maintenance factor by the issuance unpaid principal balance (UPB) of the MBS held by the investor. This file is published on or about the fifth business day each month and discloses the record date, payment date, CUSIP number, pool prefix, pool number, and yield maintenance factor for each MBS on which a yield maintenance prepayment premium is being passed through in the current month.  A file layout is provided for reference: Multifamily Yield Maintenance Factor file layout (PDF).

Yield Maintenance Factor Updated files (.TXT), also available below, will be published as needed to record updates or additions to previously published Yield Maintenance Factor files.

For more information regarding yield maintenance, please refer to Fannie Mae’s Multifamily MBS Prospectus or the relevant MBS Prospectus Supplement. You may also refer to the Prepayment Protection section of Fannie Mae’s MBSenger publication or contact the Fixed-Income Securities Investor Helpline at 800-2FANNIE (800-232-6643) or via email with questions.

Yield Maintenance Updated Files

2014 and 2013


Yield Maintenance Factor Files

PREPAY_October2018.txt PREPAY_September2018.txt
PREPAY_August2018.txt PREPAY_July2018.txt
PREPAY_June2018.txt PREPAY_May2018.txt
PREPAY_April2018.txt PREPAY_March2018.txt
PREPAY_February2018.txt PREPAY_January2018.txt
PREPAY_December2017.txt PREPAY_November2017.txt
PREPAY_October2017.txt PREPAY_September2017.txt
PREPAY_August2017.txt PREPAY_July2017.txt
PREPAY_June2017.txt PREPAY_May2017.txt
PREPAY_April2017.txt PREPAY_March2017.txt
PREPAY_February2017.txt PREPAY_January2017.txt
PREPAY_December2016.txt PREPAY_November2016.txt
PREPAY_October2016.txt PREPAY_September2016.txt
PREPAY_August2016.txt PREPAY_July2016.txt
PREPAY_June2016.txt PREPAY_May2016.txt
PREPAY_April2016.txt PREPAY_March2016.txt
PREPAY_February2016.txt PREPAY_January2016.txt
PREPAY_December2015.txt PREPAY_November2015.txt
PREPAY_October2015.txt PREPAY_September2015.txt
PREPAY_August2015.txt PREPAY_July2015.txt
PREPAY_June2015.txt PREPAY_May2015.txt
PREPAY_April2015.txt PREPAY_March2015.txt
PREPAY_February2015.txt PREPAY_January2015.txt
PREPAY_December2014.txt PREPAY_November2014.txt
PREPAY_October2014.txt PREPAY_September2014.txt
PREPAY_August2014.txt PREPAY_July2014.txt
PREPAY_June2014.txt PREPAY_May2014.txt
PREPAY_April2014.txt PREPAY_March2014.txt
PREPAY_February2014.txt PREPAY_January2014.txt
PREPAY_December2013.txt PREPAY_November2013.txt
PREPAY_October2013.txt PREPAY_September2013.txt
PREPAY_August2013.txt PREPAY_July2013.txt
PREPAY_June2013.txt PREPAY_May2013.txt
PREPAY_April2013.txt PREPAY_March2013.txt
PREPAY_February2013.txt PREPAY_January2013.txt
PREPAY_December2012.txt PREPAY_November2012.txt
PREPAY_October2012.txt PREPAY_September2012.txt
PREPAY_August2012.txt PREPAY_July2012.txt
PREPAY_June2012.txt PREPAY_May2012.txt
PREPAY_April2012.txt PREPAY_March2012.txt
PREPAY_February2012.txt PREPAY_January2012.txt
PREPAY_December2011.txt PREPAY_November2011.txt
PREPAY_October2011.txt PREPAY_September2011.txt
PREPAY_August2011.txt PREPAY_July2011.txt
PREPAY_June2011.txt PREPAY_May2011.txt
PREPAY_April2011.txt PREPAY_March2011.txt
PREPAY_February2011.txt PREPAY_January2011.txt
PREPAY_December2010.txt PREPAY_November2010.txt
PREPAY_October2010.txt PREPAY_September2010.txt
PREPAY_August2010.txt PREPAY_July2010.txt
PREPAY_June2010.txt PREPAY_may2010.txt
PREPAY_april2010.txt PREPAY_mar2010.txt
PREPAY_feb2010.txt PREPAY_january2010.txt
PREPAY_dec2009.txt PREPAY_nov2009.txt
PREPAY_oct2009.txt PREPAY_sep2009.txt
PREPAY_aug2009.txt PREPAY_july2009.txt
PREPAY_june2009.txt PREPAY_may2009.txt
PREPAY_april2009.txt PREPAY_march2009.txt
PREPAY_february2009.txt PREPAY_january2009.txt
PREPAY_december2008.txt PREPAY_november2008.txt
PREPAY_october2008.txt PREPAY_september2008.txt
PREPAY_august2008.txt PREPAY_july2008.txt
PREPAY_june2008.txt PREPAY_may2008.txt


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