Innovative Idea

Increasing Housing Supply Through an Integrated Education Program

Dr. Mark W. C. Martin

Build UP

Birmingham, Alabama

Build UP is a workforce development program that prepares at-risk, low-income young people for paid apprenticeships in real estate and construction. Build UP apprentices will add to the local affordable housing stock by rehabilitating abandoned homes, blighted properties, and relocated donated homes that would otherwise be demolished, creating affordable and sustainable homeownership options. Upon graduating from the six-year program, students will have earned both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree, and they will receive the deeds for two rehabbed properties – one to own and one to rent to a low-income family as a supplemental source of income.

Through the workforce development program, graduates will enter the labor market highly trained and credentialed. This project will help revitalize communities and increase affordable housing supply, all while preparing students for careers and giving graduates an opportunity to own a home in the communities they serve.

Hypothesis to be Tested 
Project Lead