Innovative Idea

Expanding Affordable Housing and Early Childhood Education

Rachel Stone

Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corp.

Austin, Texas

High housing costs are destabilizing Austin’s local communities by driving out low- and moderate-income families with children. The Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC) will scale its innovative housing and early childhood education model by partnering with a local preschool to expand housing and education opportunities for families living in an underserved neighborhood in southeast Austin.

GNDC’s housing-plus-education model builds affordable housing on underutilized land owned by local schools, while also expanding school resources. GNDC will partner with Escuela Montessori de Montopolis to develop a state-of-the-art preschool campus that will expand early learning opportunities and add approximately 90 units of affordable housing.

The project will demonstrate how housing providers can partner with private and public schools to create additional affordable units and improve education opportunities and outcomes in underserved communities.

Hypothesis to be Tested 
Project Lead