Innovative Idea

West Denver Single Family Plus (WDSF+) Program

Renee Martinez-Stone

West Denver Renaissance Collaborative

West Denver, CO

WDSF+ Program offers a solution to fight displacement of current residents through customized outreach and utilizing an innovative approach for growing equity and creating new affordable rentals. Their proposal supports continued development and implementation of the innovative WDSF+ pilot program to support low income homeowners in nine gentrifying neighborhoods by introducing a new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) development program. WDSF+ will allow residents to benefit from economic development as West Denver gentrifies and benefits from employment, population, and income growth in the city.

  • In two years, sales prices have risen 88%. Low income resident wages fail to keep pace with rising costs.
  • Leverage affordable development partners to focus on efficient ways of building ADUs, and provide more equitable access to housing to improve homeowner stability and minimize displacement.
  • WDSF+ is charting a new path with pre-approved ADU design prototypes that will cut the City permit process by several months, streamline financing, reducing development fees, and providing credit enhancements for income qualified homeowners to make financing feasible.
Project Lead