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it’shome. made.

Today’s manufactured homes. Built for the life you’ll build.

The new generation of manufactured homes is being crafted with the quality and durability you might expect only from a site-built house. With customizable layouts and features—and surprisingly affordable mortgage financing options—you can make your dream home a reality.

Constructed to hold their value.
And your future.

  • Built to last by specialized builders

  • Modern, climate-controlled facilities

  • Third-party inspected and certified to HUD Code

  • Installed on a permanent foundation

How a manufactured home mortgage works

  • Step 1

    Visit a manufactured home retailer

  • Step 2

    Customize your home and ask your retailer for MH Advantage qualifying features

  • Step 3

    Work with a participating lender to see how to qualify for a mortgage

  • Step 4

    Have your new home delivered and installed

  • Step 5

    Close your
    mortgage loan

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Features that qualify a home for MH Advantage

Manufactured homes that are eligible for an MH Advantage mortgage include these features:

  • Will have a Mortgage Financing Notice sticker when delivered, typically found inside a kitchen or bathroom cabinet
    Installed with a driveway and a sidewalk connecting the driveway, carport, or detached garage
  • Meets certain construction, architectural design, and energy-efficiency standards more aligned with site-built homes
    Higher-pitch roof lines and exterior features like dormers and covered porches